The October 30, 2012 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in San Francisco will be the 5th instance of a premier business-focused conference, the only conference that will teach you about technology and solutions that help you discover business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback.

Should you attend the symposium? Yes, if you want to lead the competition — in customer satisfaction and support, brand and reputation management, financial services, product design and marketing, and an array of other business processes — if you understand the advantage you will gain in understanding customer, market, employee, investor, and political sentiment, emotion, mood, and opinion.

News (October 19): We've added a special session, Social Intelligence at the Social Centers, to close the October 30 symposium program. It will consist of eBay, Twitter & Zynga talks followed by a presenter panel moderated by noted social-media strategist and consultant Dr. Natalie Petouhoff.

Who's speaking? Hear speakers from these organizations and others —

IBM logo Cisco logo Thomson Reuters logo eBay logo Twitter logo American Cancer Society logo Dow Jones logo
USC Annenberg logo Toluna logo Verint logo Infosys logo J.D. Power and Associates logo Zynga logo University of Maryland logo

Extra: An Introduction to Social Media Listening

We've added an optional class to the line-up, An Introduction to Social Media Listening, slated for Monday afternoon, October 29, designed and taught by analytics authority Mike Moran.
Developers and advanced users will want to attend instead the optional Practical Sentiment Analysis tutorial, also Monday afternoon, taught by Univ. of Sheffield research fellow Dr. Diana Maynard.

Why Attend the Symposium?

Meet and learn from experts, strategists, practitioners, researchers, and solution providers – experienced and new users and those evaluating solutions. With presentations covering important technologies and business applications, a series of tech-overview "lightning talks" – and peer-networking opportunities – the symposium is an event not to miss.

The Sentiment Analysis Symposium provides unmatched opportunity to learn about sentiment technologies, how they are applied, return on investment, and how to choose from among the many available solution options. Register now!

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